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      Faucy B

      The Essentials Clinical Resource Tool (Annual)

      How do you talk to patients about medical nutritional therapy?

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      Aleena Hildebrand

      Diabetes Education

      Few patients are aware that they can consult with a dietician for nutrition advice and questions by calling 811.

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      Marlena Morrison

      Diabetes Education

      If patient is newly diagnosed and no metabolic decompensation. I discuss the foundation of diabetes management through lifestyle intervention (diet, exercise) I usually discuss the basics (what are carbohydrates, what foods contain carbohydrates, the role of protein, fat and fibre) and the importance of portioning when it comes to meals using the plate model. We often will do a diet recall so that we can make our discussion applicable to the patient’s every day diet. We discuss nutrition not as an all or nothing approach, but discuss changes the patient can see themselves making, focus on foods they enjoy etc. If pt requires more in depth discussion around diet, they are referred to a Registered Dietician.

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      Hilda Mariano

      Diabetes Education

      I usually start by asking the patient if they have any specific questions regarding nutrition therapy. Then I give a concise summary of the pathophysiology of Diabetes and talk about carbohydrates. We then discuss what the client preferences are and how to adjust serving sizes, and/or how to include protein and fiber in snacks and meals for best diabetes control. I also talk about Canada’s food guide and provide other resources that the patient might find helpful.

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      Chantelle Wang

      Diabetes Education

      Patient’s care plan and intervention is individualized based on adherence, preferences, cultural and health status. For a patient that is newly diagnosed with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, I will discuss and focus on nutrition and lifestyle interventions. However, if target A1C level is not achieved in the case of full adherence to the interventions, then, basal insulin therapy will be considered.

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