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Diabetes Canada, in partnership with ICI Medical Communications, is excited to present the NEW updated version of Building Competency in Diabetes Education: The Essentials.

Diabetes Canada & ICI Medical communications

The Essentials has been a trusted clinical resource and study tool for over 15 years. Formerly offered as a textbook, it is a go-to resource for those treating diabetes patients across the country. Now, The Essentials is being offered exclusively digitally. Practitioners will always have access to the most current research and best practices to care with confidence. 

This fully accredited content was created by diabetes experts. The knowledge therein is based on peer-reviewed research and best practices. Diabetes Essentials is a trusted clinical resource for professional development, and a go-to source to prepare for success in the Certified Diabetes Educator examination.

This version is completely digital and provides a more dynamic user experience. With timely updates and access across all your devices, you will be carrying cutting-edge diabetes education and resources wherever you go. The digital version also includes a space to share information amongst communities of practice so you can collaborate with your peers.

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