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The Essentials has been widely used by primary care and allied health practitioners for nearly two decades. It is a comprehensive clinical resource based on the Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines, updated each year with the best practices for treatment. Whether your practice involves occasional or daily treatment of patients living with diabetes, the Essentials is a valuable resource to have at your fingertips

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The Essentials

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The Essentials Clinical Resource

The information you need to care with confidence for patients living with diabetes.

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The Essentials CDE Exam Prep

The Essentials is a trusted resource for those studying to become Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE). 

The knowledge therein is based on Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines, updated annually. 

Included in this package are practice tests for each section, and a practice exam. Learners will also have access to a community forum of other learners studying for the CDE exam.

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The Essentials